Payment Options

Occupational Hygiene services are specialist services that only a few persons / companies can provide. This limited number of services providers has led to services being expensive and not within the financial means of many Companies.

MSOHS is here to change that.

Option 1


Full payment on the day of the work being completed. 10% discount on the total amount payable. Great choice when looking for extra cash at the end of the month.

Option 2


Full payment within 30 days after the work has been completed.

Option 3


Deposit plus six (6) equal installments monthly. A great option when you need to split the cost but don't want to be paying installments for an extended period.

Option 4


Deposit plus twelve (12) equal installments monthly. A great combination of affordability, monthly cost reduction and increased financial planning ability

Option 5


Deposit plus twenty-four (24) equal installments monthly. This is the cheapest monthly option and enables effective cashflow planning.

 Option 6


Deposit plus a variable number of equal installments monthly. This option is customizable based on your individual requirements

Talk to us about our easy payment options and the type of assistance you require.