Occupational Hygiene compliance and related issues should not be your company`s biggest problem. Let us assist you with your Occupational Hygiene requirements without breaking the bank.

What makes us different?


We do business a bit differently. We try and actively assist our clients at every available opportunity. That is why we are the only Occupational Hygiene service provider that provides a host of payment options that make Occupational Hygiene services affordable to every client.



MSOHS provides a range of Occupational Hygiene related services that include:


  • Airborne Pollutants testing & evaluation

  • Biological agent testing

  • Biological Monitoring programs

  • Confined Space Management

  • Diesel particulate matter (DPM) testing

  • Dust Control & Evaluation

  • Emissions based maintenance testing

  • Ergonomics assessments

  • Health Risk assessments

  • Illumination testing & evaluation

  • Indoor Air Quality testing & evaluation

  • Mandatory Codes of Practice

  • Noise testing & evaluation

  • Occupational Exposure Profiles

  • Occupational Hygiene Staff

  • Potable Water testing & evaluation

  • Section 12.1 Appointments

  • Specialist Studies

  • Statistical evaluation of airborne pollutant data

  • Thermal Stress testing & evaluation

  • Training & Mentoring

  • Ventilation testing & evaluation

  • Vibration testing & evaluation